In the idyllic but trouble Pantovia, brought to near ruin by the upstart Count DE Cash, the Rumple family and their neighbours do their best to celebrate young Rosie’s birthday, even if she is dreading her grandmother's inevitable present of a red riding hood!

But the party is spoilt when the awful Count arrives and tries to drag the fair Rosie away to the palace. She is rescued by a brave young visitor and it is love at first sight. Little does she know that he is in fact Prince Rupert, the rightful ruler of the land.

Alas, they are soon separated, as more terrors befall the Rumples: a Werewolf roams the woods. Only Rupert’s valet knows the beast is really Rupert, changed by the full moon, and must try to save him from the blunderbuss, the muskets and the Count’s silver bullet.

Will the young lovers be re-united? Will Rupert be cured of his condition? Woe betide us. for with footman like Cringe and Cower helping out, the ending is not a foregone conclusion!



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