May 2017


Look Who’s Talking!

By Derek Benfield

Synopsis of “Look Who’s Talking!” by Derek Benfield

Look Who’s Talking, is a two Act play written by Derek Benfield which deals with the trials and tribulations of deceit and misunderstanding within marriage. Set in present day, it begins as devoted couple, Sheila and Andrew prepare to entertain with Sunday afternoon lunch. The idyllic setting is soon shattered as Bryan calls in with flowers for Sheila under the impression their brief meeting over a few glasses of wine the previous week had gone further than she suspected.

Sheila’s husband Andrew, a vague yet enthusiastic solicitor is totally unaware of Bryan’s intentions but pleased to have him along to lunch all the same. Sheila runs around in a mad panic telling little white lies to keep Bryan’s real identity a secret but the plot thickens when Carol, Andrew’s excitable secretary, arrives on the doorstep ready to take him away on an “assignment” to Italy!

As the story develops Andrew and Sheila go to ridiculous lengths to cover up infidelities of which neither are sure occurred. Throw in the only invited lunch guest, Sheila’s confused friend Jane and the recipe for disaster has been written up with a good serving of half-baked stories.

The story itself is a farce in the true sense. The situation descends into mayhem as hosts Andrews and Sheila begin to weave a web of lies and half-truths to hide their own possible infidelities, unaware that the other is doing the same. This leads to a complicated and hilarious series of misunderstandings and mistaken identities.

Tickets are available from the 20th March 2017 from the box office – 01403 731566
or through the website –
Tickets are just 11.00 each or 88 for a full table of Eight.
Doors Open 7.00pm with the Performance starting at 8.00pm

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  1. Doors Open 1.30pm with the Performance starting at 2.00pm (Matinee)
  2. Doors Open 7.00pm with the Performance starting at 8.00pm (Evenings)
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