Jack and Beanstalk

Director - Warren Blanchard and Zoe Munday 

Producer - Nigel Currie

Dates -  January 16th/17th and 23rd/24th 2015

Cast List

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The villagers are so afraid of Giant Blunderbore and his servant Fleshcreep, that the King is forced to issue a decree that whosoever manages to kill the giant will win the Princess's hand in marriage. Jack, the 'clever' son of Dame Trott, decides to fight, and builds a catapult. Fleshcreep hears about this and scuppers his plans as well as demanding more rent from Dame Trott, who is unable to pay.

The Trott's are forced to sell off their only cow, Daisy, but they are tricked at the market and Jack returns home with a bag of beans instead of the gold he had expected. The Dame throws the beans out of the window with the usual result, and whilst Jack is climbing the beanstalk to have another go at the giant, Fleshcreep is busy about town capturing the Princess and taking her up to the Giant's Castle.

Under the protection of the Fairy, Jack is instructed to visit the Giant's kitchen and get the golden eggs without waking the crying harp. The King, the Dame and Billy (the 'not-so-clever' son of Dame Trott) decide to go to Jack's aid and climb the beanstalk after him, only to be waylaid by Fleshcreep, who forces them to prepare an entertainment for the Giant.

Needless to say, when Jack goes into the kitchen, he disturbs the harp, who wakes the Giant, who is then slain by Jack allowing the King, the Dame and Billy to help him free the Princess. The Fairy, transforms Fleshcreep, he becomes an honest citizen, and through a few judicious marriages, they all live happily ever after.



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