Cast List

Mrs Kay                                                    Bridget Tidey
Bus Driver                                                Warren Blanchard
Colin                                                         Adam Tingley
Mr Briggs                                                 Graeme Muncer
Susan                                                       Jenny Bailey
Café Owner (sweetie shop)                   Laura Cherriman
Zoo Keeper                                             Peter Bird
Les                                                           Chris Bailey
Headmaster                                            Adam Tingley
Brian Reilly                                              Jack Woods
Digga /Milton                                           Elliot Boyd
Maurice McNally                                      Andrew Bird
Andrews                                                   Cameron Muncer
Ronson                                                     Ross Muncer
Little Kid                                                   Nick Bird
Carol                                                         Amber Griffin
Jackie                                                       Ellis Fordery
Linda                                                         Hannah Bird
Bored Girl 1                                              Rachel Cooper
Bored Girl 2                                              Georgia Campbell
Girl 1 & 2                                                   Lauren Buckman
Jimmy                                                        Connor Blanchard

Production Team

Director & Set Design                              Annie Jennings
Musical Direction                                      Jenny Bailey & Chris Filby
Production Assistant                                Sue McLeod
Stage Manager                                         Martin Ball
Assisted by Junior BGP                           Laura Cherriman
Prompt                                                       Claire Parkes
Props                                                         Claire Parkes
Assisted by Junior Member                     Laura Cherriman
Set Construction                                       Julian Francis
                                                                    Phil Riley
                                                                   Martin Ball
Costume design & wardrobe                 Sue McLeod & Jan Critchley
Scenery painting                                      Sue McCleod & Annie Jennings
Assisted by Junior BGP                          Rachel Cooper, Elliot Boyd & Emily Lake
Makeup by Junior BGP                           Emily Lake,  Lauren Buckman & Charlotte  Barret
Guided by Annie

Sound / Lighting                                       Chris Filby & Simon Gale 
Assisted by Junior Member                    Matthew Cooper
Voice Coach for the                                Chris Bailey
Liverpool (Scouse) accent

Publicity                                                     Simon Gale & Warren Blanchard


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