Cast List

  1. Robinson Crusoe:                  Zoe Munday
    Polly Perkins:                         Anna Batten
    Mrs. Perkins:                          Nigel Baker
    Billy Crusoe:                           Warren Blanchard
    Doris:                                     Gemma Pratt
    Fore:                                      Anita Pinnock
    Aft:                                         Winks Parrish
    Captain Cutlass:                     Steve Black
    Flotsam:                                 Jan Critchley
    Jetsam:                                  Adam Tingley
  2. Bar Person                             Lynda Filby
    Chief:                                     Lorraine Muncer
    George:                                  Toby Woods


  3. Neve Rosser, Ross Muncer,
    Jemima Ludlow-Monk, Lauren Buckman, Nick Bird

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