Cast List



Fairy – Lorraine Muncer

Voice of Mirror – Tracey Francis

Alonzo – Ian Pinnock

Dame Goodheart – Neale Francis

Queen Maligna – Anita Pinnock

Chuckles – Winks Parrish

Snow White – Chrissy Major

Prince Michael – Kasia Greenwood

Seven Friends:

Warren Blanchard, Ali Baker, Jan Critchley, Lynda Filby, Jenny Spencer, Flo Woods, Gemma Pratt


 Lizzie Pinnock, Zara Walmisley-Davis, Lara Fawcett, Maddie Schlaefli, Isabella Laudiano-Dray, Amber Emmins, Flo Woods, Gemma Pratt, Jenny Spencer

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Based at Barns Green Village Hall, West Sussex , UK

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Established - 1956

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